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Photo Restoration & Transformation

Give your family photos the Warhol treatment. Transform your favorite photos into decorative art.

The pop-art treatment looks best when the following conditions are met by the photo:

• Close up photos of faces with look best
• Photos should have good lighting but not too much background detail (we can knock out the background if needed)
• You may request your favorite colors and we'll try and work around that color scheme
• When emailing us your photos, they should be minimally compressed and shot at the highest resolution of your camera or have a minimum of 600 dpi if scanned

You will be able to see a proof sheet before it is printed. We will make changes as needed, however this is not an option to "decide" to purchase. The decision to purchase must be made prior to our beginning work. We make every effort to guide our clients in the right direction as far as picking photos which will work best for this project.

Photos are printed on approximately 24" x 24" canvas (allowing 3" white border for you to have the canvas stretched and costs $99 Cdn.(Special - reg.$149)

Photo Restoration
Your old, damaged or faded original photographs can be restored as new. The photograph above was taken in the early part of the last century. You can see that the original has several problems. We are able to restore your old, torn and worn out photos to look better than new.

Now that this precious relic from the past has been restored, copies have been printed on archival media for distribution to members of the family, and the past has been preserved for future generations.

Quotation Information
Mail us your print, E-Mail or fax us a copy of your photo. We will give you a firm price to repair the damage.

  • Your order will be printed to the size you request and . . . your new restored image on a CD will be included.
  • All work will be done at our office. Your valuable originals will be kept in a safe while here. 
  • Prices can very from $25 - $100 depending on the amount of restoration needed

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