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Photography Courses

Laura Michelle Dulis (instructor)

Bio: Laura was born and raised in Toronto and has always enjoyed the creative side of life. Laura has a passion for taking photos and has a keen interest in portrait photography. She has studied photography at The Living Arts Center and Sheridan College. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm will inspire you to try new avenues of photography.
Laura’s photography work can be viewed at - http://www.flickr.com/photos/lauradulis/
The “Fun with Photography” course will include:
  1. Photography History (Where it all began)
  2. Understanding the basics of how a camera works
  3. Understanding how a digital camera works
  4. Exploring the creative side of your camera’s scene modes (photography made easy)
  5. Photographic composition (How to take a great picture)
  6. Shooting in macro mode (Great close up shots for flowers, etc.)
  7. Fun photo assignments will be handed out and critiqued
  8. Understanding how the command dial works (For advanced photos)
  9. Exploring different lens for different effects
  10.  Special effects photography using Photoshop

Classes are conducted at senior centers / 1 hour class / 6 week course

Call or email us for a free Curriculum binder - 416-875-3934 / pdulis@rogers.com