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  1. Art Reproduction/Giclee Printing
  2. Photo Restoration & Transformation
  3. UV Spray Protective Coating
  4. Digital Production
  5. CD Backups
  6. Flat Bed Scanning & Digital Photography

    (Allow 2 - 4 days for test prints; Final prints: 4 - 5 days)

    Printed on Archival Epson Std. Watercolor Paper or Canvas
    Size       Print    (1 time set-up fee)      Reprints    
    9x13       15.00     +25.00 set-up             15.00
    13x19     20.00     +25.00 set-up             20.00
    17x22     40.00     +25.00 set-up             40.00        
    18+        TBD       +25.00 set-up             14.00/sq. foot

    - Reproductions over the 17x22" size are priced out at $14 per square foot (plus $25 setup charge) and are printed on Std. Epson archival watercolour paper or Epson canvas (heavy weight watercolour paper available at $2 more per sq.ft.) You can provide us with a digital file or we can capture your artwork for you (see rates below). We can currently print up to 24" wide to 85" long.
    Jobs over $200.00 require 50% deposit
    - The set-up fee includes: contrast, density, sharpness and colour correction and a 8"x10" proof (Full size proof available at the size of the print)
    - Proofs provide a reasonable indication of colour, but final prints may vary
    - Setup charges apply to each image and do not include layout of multiple images

    For more information on Art Reproduction/Giclee Printing, please see one of the links below:

    Click here to see Shipping Details.

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    - We can handle minor restoration to major restoration
    - Prices can very from $25 - $100 depending on the about of restoration needed

    For more information about our photo restoration process -

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    5. UV Spray Protective Coating

    Size                                Price
    Up to 20"x26"                     $15.00
    Up to 26"x40"                     $20.00
    Up to 34"x46"                     $25.00

    For protection and extended print life, we recommend spraying your canvas.

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    Production, Retouching or Troubleshooting $35.00/hr

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    7. CD Backup

    Size                               Price
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    Up to 100Mb                   $5.00
    Over 100Mb                    $8.00
    Over 250Mb                    $13.00
    Over 400Mb                    $23.00
    Over 600Mb                    $30.00

    (We strongly recommend that all clients request back-ups of their digital files.)

    / DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (Giclee Printing needs 300 dpi files) 

    Size                               Price
    Under 8.3"x14"                $15.00
    Under 11"x17"                 $30.00
    Over 11"17"                     $30.00/section

    - Artwork larger than 11"x17" will be scanned in sections of 11"x17 at $30 per scan (this will produce the sharpest & most accurate reproductions)
    - Scans are supplied in RGB format only
    - Post-Processing (e.g. unsharp masking, dust removal) is available at $35 hr. 

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    - All prices, dates, and details are subject to verification with Abby Artworks
    - Prices, dates and details may change without notice

    For more information: call Susan at 416-875-3934 or e-mail susan@yahoo.com 

    All prices are in Canadian Currency