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Photo & Art Reproduction Service

 We use the finest archival ink and and media selection to produce your prints.

  • For paper & canvas selection - see below.
  • To get reproductions done of your artwork, please allow roughly 2-3 days for set-up and proofing and then 1-2 days to print once proofing has been completed. Rush orders can be arranged.
  • Jobs over $200.00 require a 50% deposit.
  • The one time set-up fee per image includes: level adjusting, contrast, density, sharpness, colour correction and a 8"x10" proof (Full size proof available at the print size cost)

Price List for Giclee Printing:
Printed on Archival Epson Std. Watercolor Paper or Canvas

Size       Print    (1 time set-up fee)      Reprints    
9x13       15.00     +25.00 set-up             15.00
13x19     20.00     +25.00 set-up             20.00
17x22     40.00     +25.00 set-up             40.00        
18+        TBD       +25.00 set-up             14.00/sq. foot

If you already have your images digitally captured or have access to doing this, please see  File Preparation for how to prepare your images to send. If your artwork is not already digitally captured, we provide the following services to capture your image:

1. Flat Bed Scanning (For best results, Giclee Printing needs a 300 dpi resolution) 

Size                               Price
Under 8.3"x14"                $15.00
Under 11"x17"                 $30.00
Over 11"17"                     $30.00/section

- We scan 35mm slides, 4x5 transparencies and original artwork
- Artwork larger than 11"x17" will be scanned in sections of 11"x17 at $30 per scan (this will produce the sharpest & most accurate reproductions)
- Scans are supplied in RGB format only
- Post-Processing (e.g. unsharp masking, dust removal) is available at $35 hr. 

2. Digital Photography

  • In-house digital photography captured at 7.1MB is $15.00 flat fee
  • Over 7.1MB capture is $70.00 per image

Note: Digital Photography does not give you the same clarity as scanning does but if you are using the image to create art cards or small prints, this photography is suitable.

*For more information: call Abby or Susan at (905-820-9459)

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Museum Quality Fine Art Paper and Canvas
Our Standard paper selection includes the following papers & canvas:

1. Art Papers

  • Epson (Crane) Textured Fine Art Paper: 100% cotton rag for long term durability, acid free, 225 g/m² basis weight, Textured surface for a true artistic appearance
  • Epson (Crane) Smooth Fine Art Paper: 100% cotton rag for long term durability, acid free, 225 g/m² basis weight,Smooth surface for sharp details and accurate reproduction
  • Epson Radiant White Watercolor Paper: Textured matte surface, Radiant white surface for vivid color reproduction, Enhanced 1440 dpi printing for high-quality output (13x19 only)

2. Art Canvas

  • Epson Semi-Gloss Canvas: Acid free 100% cotton archival quality base, Highest resolution canvas coating for outstanding reproductions, Medium gloss surface, Heavyweight for quality feel, Unique texture for true artist look
  • Epson Glossy Water-Resist Canvas: Poly/cotton blend, Glossy surface, Water Resistant for increased durability, Unique texture for true artist look, High resolution with Unique texture for true artist look

3. Photo Papers

  • Epson Enhanced Matt Paper: High color gamut yields remarkable color reproduction, Flat matte heavyweight surface provides the optimum photographic platform, Bright white base accentuates highlights
  • Epson Luster Photographic Paper: Luster E surface finish, Highest color gamut available for vivid color reproduction, 10 mil thickness for a durable photographic feel, RC paper base for actual photo prints

Other papers are available upon request.

To learn more about what "Giclee Prints" are, click here -> "Giclee Prints"

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to reproduce your photos & original artwork at a low cost with the best quality... you've come to the right place! We at Abby Artworks are proud of our work and we know you will be too!

  • We print using all archival inks onto Archival Epson Std. Watercolor and Epson Canvas. For a list of the papers/canvases we use