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"Just a quick note to let you know that I recieved the carousel horse prints. They are just beautiful!!! I'm estatic! I can't believe how true they are to the original, even the feel of the paper! These were done on the Epson Watercolour paper? WOW... I will order more from you soon, and when I'm ready to send more of my artwork I'll contact you again. Thanks again for the wonderful prints!" - Nori Bucci

"The day we found out about Abby Artworks was the first day we felt certain we could get our company up and running on the internet and looking corporate. Abby had some brilliant ideas to make our site represent what we were all about ~ professionalism and artistry. Our Giclee prints and art cards were done with excellence and quality; even when presented with ridiculous deadlines, they didn't let us down. A delight to work with." - Janice & Derek R.

"Thanks again for delivering the prints this week. I'm still marveling at how great they look - I showed them to another artist friend, who was also really impressed. You really did an outstanding job on the reproduction, so again, a huge THANK YOU from a very satisfied customer." - Leslie R.

"Abby Artworks is a great website and business that prints art work in a variety of ways, and a bonus- do print on demand - work. They also do prints of photography and art cards, very personable and quick to reply to inquiries.  Ontario based this is a MUST for any artist seeking prints (canvas or paper), or digital cataloging and disk work." - Gary G.

 " I have just received the prints and I am very pleased. I appreciate the time and effort you took to do the job for such a reasonable price. I also expect that I will be ordering reprints as this particular piece has been very popular and I have already sold 15 prints previously. This re-run has sold two of the five already. So...Thanks again. And...it is a pleasure doing business with someone in Canada." - Sincerely, Doreen D.

" I contacted Abby Artworks to order some giclée prints of one of my watercolour paintings. The service, the price and the end result were excellent. I was very pleased and thought I would pass on the info to you in case you would like to publish my recommendation. They were very thorough with the whole process and it was wonderful to be able to deal with a Canadian company. They also took the time to discuss alternatives for the giclée with me. Their price was way below Monart's prices for giclée prints. All in all I can't say enough good things about them!"
 - (Letter written to The Watercolor Gazette)