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Watercolor Photo Prints

Turn Your Favorite Photo Into a Watercolor Print

  • You can now order your very own portrait now by email, phone or Mail.
  • Just send us your favourite photograph for us to transform it into a timeless work of art that will delight generations for years to come.
  • Paintings up to 24" by whatever length from your photo prints
  • Printed with Epson Archival inks
  • Ask us about this unique finish to your prints

Advice for sending photographs to be transformed into Watercolor Paintings:

What is the best size of Photograph? The bigger the better! Generally postcard size is the minimum we would suggest to provide a clearer enough image from which our artists can work. 

What is the best pose that you suggest? We recommend that the subject should be looking slightly at an angle rather than straight into the camera. This tends to add depth to the painting.

Can other details be added or taken away to the reproduction? Yes -  Just let us know what you would like and we can correct this to the digital watercolor print. This can include eye colour, hair colour, complexion type etc. Please put as much information as possible for our artists to produce the most realistic reproduction.

I dont like the background on the photograph - No problem. We tend to suggest that for smaller reproductions the background should be nothing more than a tone. We can take out the background and put in tone. 

Archival Epson Std. Watercolor Paper or Canvas
Size         Print    (1 time set-up fee)      Reprints    
9x13       15.00     +25.00 set-up             15.00
13x19     20.00     +25.00 set-up             20.00
17x22     40.00     +25.00 set-up             40.00
18+         TBD
       +25.00 set-up             $14/sq.ft. 

*Reproductions over the 17x22" size are priced out at $14 per square foot (plus $25 setup charge) and are printed on Epson archival paper or Epson canvas

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